17 May 2011

Tr!ckster: bringing comics back to CCI?

The complaint: modern comic conventions, particularliry the massive Comic Con International in San Diego, have less and less to do with comics.
Sure, there's a hell of a lot of Anime, CCGs, Cartoons, Console Gaming, Cosplay, Disney fandom, Fanfics, LARP-ing, MMORPGs,Movies, MUDs, PC gaming, TV shows, and several metric tons of Toys... but in such a widespread frenzy , many of these Cons have lost sight of their namesake intent and focus: comic books.
So now there's Tr!ckster : a creator-driven project that includes an expo with seminars right across the street from CCI.
I doubt tr!ckster -style expos are going to supplant the modern fandom-driven convention from it's place in the public eye, but I sure as hell wish there will be more of them.