27 August 2012

Sketchi Do Daa

So more sketch highlights, here. These come from a 6X9 Moleskine I received as a gift.  (The above image comes from watching TV).

  I've started putting page quotas in my daily calendar again: It's pretty good if you get self conscious about drawing(sometimes I refer to it as "Page Fright". 'Course, it's a SKETCHbook, so if every page looks perfect, you're probably doing something wrong.

A variant on the quota. The Daily Composition: The only chapter of "The Natural Way to Draw" that I re-read obsessively. (And also place on my daily calendar).

 Manifest boredom combined with a "Territory Ahead" Clothing Catalog. If you find one of these strange documents, note that the Women's clothing are all modeled, and the men's clothing is all folded and laid out on tables. Why are there no men wearing Clothing? Does Territory Ahead have a huge closet of Naked Men somewhere? (On the psychological level, don't we all?)

  Like my previous "Totoro" post, I figured I'd show my WORST sketchbook sketch, either for fun or just to make the better ones worth looking at.  Anyway, I found that I'd skipped a couple of pages, which I think counts...
 ... Because even the worst artists get better, but only if they continue. 

Getting used to my screen tablet.

Here is my first pass at going all digital with my shiny new screen Wacom.

And here's my second. 
I'm starting to suspect the path to awesomeness winds through the woods of awfulness. Oh well...

12 August 2012

Hey! this thing still exists

So here's where I apologize for not updating to all of you fabulous people in internet-land for not updating in forever...

 ..now here's the part where I officially say that I'm totally going to update regularly for reals this time and like, there's super awesome stuff on the horizon

 And here's a two page comic I actually did recently (copyright 2012 Wirt Salthouse - that's me.)