10 October 2010

10 for 10-10-10

When I'm not firing my mouth off about marginalized 1980's fantasy movies or pitching a fit over marketing semantics, I actually do manage to get some work done.

In this case, putting together a portfolio to submit to a animation studio in Burbank.
Assembling a 15 piece representation of your best work from the past year is tough, as it basically means cutting stuff out. I'm not going to point out what's wrong with these, except maybe as to why I'm sorry I could not include them in the final package.... and of course, that the actual portfolio looks much better.

I mentioned a Christmas project earlier, a storybook featuring my cousin's children at the behest of my Aunt. This pic has some nice qualities, character appeal, strong readiblity of the distance.

Same project, another pic. This was one I did swipe poses from various photos for since the writer (my Aunt, again) asked for a photograph, so it seemed fitting. I like the sense of personality that comes across, even the Dad's more interested in playing with the cat than a picture.

This one also got a great sense of play and I feel it represents the personalities of the kids best, computationally, I like the S-curve from the bubbles. I'm sorry that some technical gaffs in this one prevented me from including it, 'cause it's got a nice mood.

I used circle-frames as a bookend device for illustrations: the first page features the kids popping out of circular holes like you might find in a climbing frame. It's something I haven't seen that often and I thought it would help stress a world of playfulness.

This is some storyboard art for the live-action short "The Lion and the Unicorn" (now shooting) directed by a mysterious bearded man known only to me as "Moose". The top-down perspective was difficult enough to warrant shooting reference with action figures and a digital camera so as not to screw up the foreshortening.

The script was a lot of fun to read, especially with the wonderfully askew sense of humor that can only come from someone who allow themselves to be referred to as "Moose".

The turnover on these was pretty fast (at least for me) so I tend to look at these and curse myself for not being Alex Toth.

This was the first page of a mini-comic sent as a Christmas Card last year. It was titled, imaginitivley enough, "A very Merry DEATHmas". Surprisingly enough, nobody's asked me to send similar Easter cards.

Actually, I would send this one if it were only big enough (only about 5"x3" at 150 ppi, in direct contradiction of submission criteria minimum size).

And naked people. It really isn't a porfolio without drawings of naked people.

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