15 November 2010

Some more twaddle

Okay, so I've finished another 8 1/2" by 11" sketchbook, so you get to view the dregs. Also for extraneous reasons, the scans are pretty rough this week.

Some more aerobics video impressions.

Shamless copies (or "studies") of illustrations from "The Complete Bridgman" an artist referred to by Andrew Loomis in his book "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth". Loomis is known as an Artist's Artist, which might make George Bridgman the Artist's Artist's Artist. My copies don't do him justice in the least, though.

Dividends from my Zoo membership: Golden Lion Tamarins. These little monkeys never stop moving, so they're quite a challenge, even just for scribbly gestures.

This goat's older than hell and is fun to look at in the petting zoo pen when he propositions the sheep (that's "Sheep" and not "other goats right there in the pen").

The Leopards are rare to see, and when you do, they're sitting around or sleeping, typical cats.

Drawing naked people is a great way to prove what a serious artist you are, this was from the first day of an Adult Ed. figure drawing class I took.

Oh yeah, and last Wednesday, the Zoo unveiled some new Asian Otter Pups.

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