26 December 2010

Some More Sketcharoos

So these are from a pocket sketchbook approximately 3"x5" and about 1/2" thick (complete with little bookmark tassel, moleskine style).

This isn't my 'primary' sketchbook, which is usually an 8 1/2"x11" hardcover or larger (now around 11"x14"), but I try to carry it everywhere, like a second wallet. Since you never know when you're gonna catch a moment.

This book actually took about two months to get through, mostly due to it's unusual thickness.

Granted, these posts are incredibly self indulgent. I've committed to posting highlights from each sketchbook I complete, basically to give myself a bit of extra pressure to turn out good product. (whether I do or not is up to you to decide, please comment: critique is encouraged!)

Most (perhaps all) of my sketchbook stuff is rough and gestural. Since my focus is animation, this makes sense, since the loose approach is pretty strongly recommended by what feels like every animation guru and textbook ever (particularly Walt Stanchfield).


  1. Your animals are superb! I especially like the dog and the little (monkey?) that's arching it's back there, because it shows a real good action line.

    Your people look a little rigid in some places (guy walking 1st pic/2nd page) or like they need some contrapposto in their stance (1st pic/ 1st page). Then again, I didn't see this guy.

    I will say the strongest gestures are the ones on bikes. The second bike one looks especially neat.

    Also you draw really good lampposts.

  2. Meerkats, actually, which means I need clarity in my gesture sketches, methinks.

    I think I see what you mean about hip/shoulder torque, so I'll work on that as well.

    Weirdly enough, I find difficulty in reconciling between the "draw exactly what's in front of your eyes" and "go for the guts/expressionistic" schools of drawing.