10 January 2011

Kind of Depressing

So last December, I urged anybody who would care to read to donate to Coleman Engle's go-to-France Kickstarter fund, which he canceled yesterday.

God, that's a bummer.

I remember going to France with the first Sequential Arts students admitted to SCAD's off-campus program in early 2009. I was, and am not anywhere near the artistic level my fellow students were that winter: Brooke Allen, Pyar Anderson, Michael Jewell and of course, Coleman Engle. It felt like a fleet of awesome, like at a USC class with Lucas and Speilberg in the sixties, working with Lou Fine and Jack Kirby in Will Eisner's Comics studio in the thirties, or simply being allowed to view the start of something great.

Learning Coleman won't be at that Artist's residency in Angoulême is depressing. It's never fun to see a dream fail (if only temporarily). I know a film major who currently works as a masseuse, an Architect who now teaches English and a Flautist who simply changed her major to Art History.

For what it's worth, I really think he could have done it.

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