11 April 2011

Some more sketchcerpts

More unsolicited sketchbook drawings, I'm afraid.

These are from two books: an 11"X14" hardbound sketchbook and one of those nifty (if obscenely expensive) pocket moleskins.

I could claim this person doesn't have clothes or toes because it's a gesture drawing, and thus emphasizing movement, weight and balance over detail, but I just happen to hate clothes and toes and go without either whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Know what? Everybody loves Gorillas! If I just did nothing but post pictures of gorillas, I might have more followers. And they usually don't wear clothes, which makes me 1/2 happier.

Then again, sheep are fun. They're fluffy and stupid. They also don't have toes like primates, so that's cool too.

You might suppose I saw these Giraffes at the Zoo. And maybe I did, and maybe there was just a loose Giraffe wandering around the canned goods isle at Lucky's and I happened to have my sketchbook with me! That would make a very good moral: always bring your sketchbook to Lucky's lest you find exotic quadrupeds in canned goods.

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