02 June 2011

Yeah, some more sketches

Even though as of late, it seems all I post here are sketches, I might as well post something and that something being more sketches here goes.

Here are some birds from a pretty kick ass aviary at the local zoo. I'd enjoy going to the zoo more if it weren't for children always being there. For a guy who would do anything to produce children's entertainment, I sure spend a lot of time hating and resenting the little brats.

Here is a car. In order to widen my range, I've picked out several spots to sketch on site at, and since I live in a central coast 'burg complete with beaches and a harbor, I've decided to draw cars at the freeway overpass.

The really interesting thing about this fellow is that he actually had no ears and big flippers for hands, making this study in brush tip marker more accurate that you could ever suspect!

I was watching "Son of the Mask", so here's some caricature impressions from TV; Jaime Kennedy et all. The very valuable lesson I learned from all of this is: Don't watch "Son of the Mask".

Annnd that's some sketches done from March to the present.I'm planning a big project for this fall, so some finished artwork will be appearing soon.

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