17 August 2011

All kinds of crazy.

It's 4:45 am and I'm finishing another portfolio submission for an internship as a story artist. It's weird, because I only found out about this particular opening a week ago.

Anyway, I've been in a pretty volatile state scrambling together trying to find out who the person to address in my cover letter is, putting together new artwork (ability to work digitally preferred), trying like hell to find an way to format the thing into a PDF (preferred submission format).

To submit to a creative position, if you're doing it right, is to bare your soul, so the week's been flashes of ecstasy and despair.

Well, the first order of a submission packet is to GRAB ATTENTION so the portfolio for story artist internship is being submitted with the following cover letter.


So responsible and wise

Here’s my ‘folio for you to view

With your discerning eyes.

I write to you this application

In response to a job posting

Of Talent Development : Story Artist

Placed at the official …um…web host-thing. *

My involvement in Improv proves

(in school and Tater Totz)

my collaboration and support

Upping productivity, lots!

I majored in Sequential Art

(I know that’s not the norm)

But with such study, I am versed

in story: theme and form.

So XXXXX. (or someone else)

You must like what you see

So Call the number on this sheet,

And arrange to meet with me!

Hopefully, they will.

* here is a humorous footnote detailing how difficult it is to rhyme with the full URL

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