26 January 2012

Inspiration and stuff.

So how does one "stay inspired"?

Recently, super awesome character animator Andreas Deja posted some of his "embarrasing early work" on his blog.

This is his early portfolio work from the seventies, and is a joy to look at, certainly, beyond what I'm putting out right now.

Sure, the nobler side of me would be "WHAT INSPIRATION! I MUST NOW WORK HARDER TO REACH SUCH HEIGHTS AS HAVE BEEN DEMONSTRATED BY THIS LEADER IN THE ART FORM". But mostly, the me-who-wants-to-get-a-job-in-animation-right-now says "aww shoot, wutza use?"

Conventional art-wisdom tells us to quit comparing ourselves against other artists, just our own performance because

a.) You'l never draw 'just like Michelangelo' and
b.) Even the great artists are highly critical of their work, it's how they get to be better and how they get to be "great" artists, by never being satisfied.

So let's say the conventional wisdom doesn't work and one still moans "I'll never draw that good!" And you still need encouragement, inspiration and something to motivate you right now!


"Annoying Orange" just got a TV deal with Cartoon Network. As far as technique goes, everyone remotely familiar with after effects has thought the same thing.

"Shoot, I could do that."

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