07 September 2012

mouse out of context

As my read through old Mickey Mouse newspaper comics continues, I find myself imbued with a new moral purpose: I will not show out of context images with the notion of corrupting or deconstructing an American institution(besides, "Air Pirates Funnies" did, and they got sued to Hellenbach)
   So if anybody out there has any comments about Minnie and spanking, say them within your own company, for I am obviously too noble to do so.
See, here's a beloved children's character reading a book about guns. Which is ridiculous, because Mickey never uses guns

  Here it may appear that Mickey is torturing a  sickly horse for his own twisted amusement, but the larger context reveals that this is the famous "Tanglefoot' storyline, in which Mickey buys a sickly horse, enters him in a race and nearly destroys all his assets betting on his own race.

...I have no explanation for this whatsoever.

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