26 September 2010

I freaking love this movie.

I'm not familiar with the Shaw Brothers catalog, yet. "Fists of the White Lotus" is the first of theirs I've seen. But what I've seen, I love(note: Remember, I love some odd films.): wonderful fight choreography, stunning grace and beauty in the movements of the performers, acupuncture, slapstick, a serious fixation on male genitalia and several earfuls worth of kung-foley sound effects.

A great deal of action movies and old-time musicals share a lot in common: plot usually is simply a venue to showcase the fighting/singing, and usually, the better the fights/songs are, the higher esteem the product attains within it's genre.

Which would mean that, inside my brain, "Die Hard" equals the "Wizard of Oz". (hey, deja-vu)

Personally, I'd prefer more movies and shows with fighting AND singing! But you might not, and there is no singing in "Fists of White Lotus" which might be taken as a reason to watch it.

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