04 February 2011

Just sketch'n to go

Either I'm a hard-working artist or a rampant narcissist. Here are some more samples from a recently completed sketchbook, started November, 2010, completed last week.

These first couple of pages are from Nov/Dec last year, when I was dutifully copying George Bridgeman's famous anatomy book and taking a figure Drawing class through local Adult Ed. (Currently, I'm taking a watercolor class, and I'll post pictures as soon as I paint some I don't want to shred as soon as I finish them).

The sketchbook in question is 11" by 14", pretty huge, but still fits in my backpack and technically haul-able. The downside is my best drawings from this book are too damn big to fit on the wimpy document scanner I have to use, and thus not included in this blog post. I could state something about my artistic vision being literally too big for the technology I have to use, but that would lend credence to the previously established claims of self-indulgence as opposed to a genuine work ethic.
That I give vent to my loquacity through bombastic circumlocution is an assertion possessing much verisimilitude, though.

Did you recognize this as a Patas Monkey? Good for you.

This is not a monkey, Which I thought was common knowledge. But when I'm at the Zoo (weekly, as of this writing) every parent has to point at these poor guys and say to their stinkin kids "look at the monkey".
I hate parents, and I hate children. Zoos would be so much more fun without them.

I hate parents and kids so much I can't stop drawing them. Out of hate. This is a technique I'm attempting to crib from Glen Villipu: bleeding ballpoint pen lines into a wash with a brush-pen loaded with water.


  1. Oh wow... AWESOME Erik!!! I love your sketches! I feel your pain about the too-small scanner as well.... it sucks. and trying to scan something in pieces and re-create in photoshop is such a pain.

    hehee... it's amusing to me you hate children and parents so much that you draw them constantly, and make them look so darned ADORABLE. that's a really cool technique with the ballpoint and water wash; I think I'm gonna have to try that....

  2. Yes, I draw thing that I hate really cute. It's how I vent my dislike and frustration.

  3. I feel it's the same sort of attitude parents have when they refer to all video games as Nintendo, or all animated movies as Disney.

  4. The zoo also has lions, which get referred to as Tigers, and Merekats, known forevermore as "Timons".

  5. The tiger thing just makes me laugh. The Timon thing makes me cringe.

    Nice sketches. I really dig the gorilla. Draw more gorillas.