20 February 2011

The Lion and the Unicorn

For those of you interested, The Short Film "The Lion and the Unicorn" Directed by the delightfully demented Benjamin "Moose" LaRiviere now has a poster.

created by the tremendously talented Morgann Daniels.

Why do I know so much about this film? I worked on it too, yay!

Ben's script was a joy to read . And quite frankly, the prospect of drawing two fantastic monsters beating the living crud out of each other and everything was too much fun to pass up.

Of course, the stills from the film look a bit different from the boards I drew. You'll notice the actor playing Mr. Timberland has hair, as well as the office being equipped with a freaking awesome typewriter and candlestick phone (things like that are stuff I sooo wish I could claim were my idea, but they aren't). If you get a chance to see this, do!


  1. That is one handsome unicorn!

    I really dig the storyboards. I think they brought a lot to the overall production.

  2. Even when I was reading the script I was all "Moose, these other characters are great and all, but can't we just call the movie 'UNICORN: Herald of Awesome'?".
    I can't wait to see this, BTW.

  3. Yeah, I'm excited, too. You know I played the unicorn, right?

  4. Yeah...
    was there a lot of red bull on the set?


  5. Oh, no. That did come off as overly energetic, but something about your response made me think, "Wait, does Erik know I was in the movie he storyboarded?" Evidently, you did.