13 August 2010

It's more about public relations...

Hey! Chris Sanders has a deviantart account!
Do you know what I do when I'm looking at someone's devart account? I browse their favorites (possibly not safe for work if you're signed into deviantart).

For those of you without a devart ID, it seems that the director of Lilo and Stitch likes breasts a fair bit.

Okay, so who cares? I also happen to like breasts. The guy's a grown-up, makes more money than I do, draws a better than I do, and like Freddy Moore famously did, does his fair share of cheesecake. Since this is the internet, you've probably seen more shocking material in banner ads. Frankly, Chris Sanders' tastes in deviantart aren't any of my business.

To a 20 years + veteran of the animation industry and a commercially viable feature film director like Sanders, a collected page of lightweight girlie pictures won't scratch his reputation nor prevent him from getting more work.

But I'm still trying to break in. So the devart "favorites" can conceivably be just as big an obstacle to employment in the animation industry as "Drunk Facebook Party Photos" are likely to get you fired from an office gig, especially if happen to deal with employers of sensitive tastes(remember, we're still in the day and age where Janet Jackson flashing the audience of the Super-Bowl is considered a controversy).

But when I'm fortunate enough to get an interview with somebody from "Adorable Stuffed Toy Children's Family Fun Cartoons Limited" and they look me up on the web, I don't want their first impression to be "Wow, this guy really likes breasts."

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