16 August 2010

10,000 Drawings

There's an old art saw that goes "Everybody's got 10,000 bad drawings in them", so it's best to exorcise those bad ones as soon as possible, and your tools for doing so are as follows:

This week I finished not one but two sketchbooks(brief celebration); a large "work big" sketchbook for when you need to sit in the middle of something that reads "I am holding a sketchbook. I am drawing you and it looks nothing like you so please don't ask me what I'm drawing!"

In theory, these images should fly by showing meteoric improvement in draftsmanship, much like a convenient zero-to-hero Movie Training Montage .

(For those of you interested in continuity, this elephant is indeed from the damn zoo.)

Then, I have the smaller one, the portable back-pocketed SECRET sketchbook for waiting rooms...

street corners... ...and anywhere else where it's just too damn awkward to hold the large paraphernalia you need a bag for.

I don't know how close I'm to finishing off those 10,000 drawings (obviously they're not posted here, otherwise this blog would surely choke even the most steadfast of browsers), maybe I'll post photos of the stacks of sketchbooks I've filled sometime. If that doesn't show desired Improvement, I'll start drawing with rocks strapped to my legs.

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