19 August 2010

Sell-Outs Abroad: Part II

So Japan's Anime industry is threatened due to outsourcing production to cheaper countries like South Korea and Vietnam, which threatens quality on a massive level.

Which prompts me to put on my personal opinion-hat with fancy bells and say:

Sounds familiar...

In a nutshell, U.S. TV animation went through much the same process, going from completely "in-house" production, everything from initial sketch to placing painted cels under the camera to final sound mix, of the 1950s to the state of cartoons today, where little more is done on this continent than writing the scripts and recording the voices,. A lot of times you get gems like the video above, but sometimes, the results are very good.
Animation is expensive, and in the U.S. , utilizing the global economy to bring in quality production at a feasible cost has proven to be an effective strategy. This seems to be pretty good for everybody...

...Well, everybody except the layout people, animators, assistant animators, cleanup, digital ink+paint, background painters and even storyboard artists whose jobs have been moved overseas, in many cases, to Japan.

Heck, if the Economy here worsens any more, maybe I can get a job in cleanup for "Naruto" .

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